Muggy Day, Beautiful Bird.

Depiction of the american Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle perched in a tree.

2-25-2020 started out much like a lot of our recent days. Cold, muddy, rainy and muggy. I had originally planned to do some work clearing trees today but the rain had pushed that back. After the rains let off I packed my gear and left off for the job. On Rocky Ford road in Powhatan County, as I came around a turn I saw a large bird take off and it did not take me long to realize it was a Bald Eagle. To my surprise, it only flew a short distance and perched in a tree. I pulled over and pulled out my camera. I did not have my zoom lens attached, however past experiences taught me to take the photo then try to switch lenses. If I was to waste time switching lenses then I may not have gotten this photo at all. I snapped two quick shots of the bird then I attempted to quickly switch lenses. However, to my dismay a car came in the opposing lane scaring the bird off as my zoom lens clicked in place. Be it disappointing it was awesome to see one of these birds in the wild and be lucky enough to catch a photo of one. This photo is heavily cropped in and I did put a little bit of time into sharpening and denoising the photo in post-processing.

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