Maidens Bridge In Powhatan VA

Display the high water on the James river
A aerial 1 second exposure.

From 11-10-2020 through 11-12-2020 Powhatan County received multiple inches of rain that caused the rivers and creeks to swell to abnormal levels. This flight took place at Maidens Bridge in Powhatan County where the James River in the North and the Appomattox in the South both flooded over their banks.

Short video shot that day around Maidens Bridge in Powhatan VA and Cartersville Cumberland.
In the second half of this video I go kayaking in the water

The above videos provide a really surreal perspective of how much water had come inland as I kayaked through an otherwise fairly dry section of forest and toward a waterfall fed by pond run off in Powhatan County.

Cartersville Bridge
Cartersville Cumberland.
Maidens Bridge in Powhatan VA
A wide angle Aerial photo showing the Maidens landing boat launch submerged.

After I had shot my share at Maidens Bridge in Powhatan VA I packed up and drove to Cartersville in Cumberland after a local had told me it was higher there, this turned out not to be the case, however, I did include some footage from Cartersville in my video.

Appomattox River on Powhan’s Southern Border

Over the following days, I checked on the rivers sporadically during my daily commute and putting my Kayak in the water where the river had flooded the woods for some leisure. As I am writing this post, the water is finally receding back into its boundaries. While I was kayaking, I flagged a few trees to indicate the highest water level. In the next few days as the water recedes, I will be able to see just how high the water had risen.

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