Aerial Photography is not as expensive as you would think…

Gone are the days where you would have to pay someone $1500 or more to go up in an aircraft and take a top-down photo of your home or land. With modern drone technology it is now faster, cheaper, and higher quality. Just how cheap? $150 for a simple aerial photoshoot or more for advanced features such as low light, special editing effects, or procedures. Contact me
Want photos like this? Click the link above! Aerial Photography doesn’t have to be a multi-hundred dollar job. I am happy to offer aerial photography services for homeowners and landowners alike. More interested in the uses of aerial media for land management or commercial use? Click here!

Why does it cost so much to put a drone up and take a simple photo? There is a lot more that goes into flying (legally) and photography than just pulling out a camera and taking a photo. I have to have a commercial operator’s license in order to fly the drone for you. These licenses cost over $100, not to mention the cost of the drones is 1600 and above.

The time you see us during the flight is not where our work ends, we have to go home and edit the photos professionally to ensure maximum quality and printer quality. That can take anywhere from 30 minutes for a few photos to hours for many or if we have to edit things out of the image such as trash cans, cars, toys in the yard, etc. As a commercial operator, I am also insured which adds overhead cost on top of using paid editing software, expensive cameras and gear as well as our time to shoot.
By hiring a licensed drone operator, you also eliminate the risk of crashing into your home or if your a business owner, eliminating the risk of being fined by the FAA for using the imagery in furtherance of a business without a part 107 Certificate.

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