About Cody Frayser

Cody Frayser Photography Experience:

No ordinary Photographer.

Why settle for a photographer that can only do portraits? Why settle for a Photographer that can’t fly a drone? Why settle for a Photographer that can’t shoot video? Or vice versa?
This is something I have observed constantly. A client hires a Photographer but the photographer can not adapt to change, they only bring a small skill set to the table often, being limited to a small niche in photography.
This is where I come in. 
I don’t like limitations if I’m tasked with something new, I learn it. I don’t show up to the job with one camera and miss an important moment because of that. I show up ready to capture anything that I can. My job is to capture the moment.
Now that doesn’t mean I don’t have a specialty. My specialty is aerial media

Our services are but not limited to:

  • Commercial aerial video and photo services
  • Aerial photography and video
  • Real estate photography and videography
  • Event photography and videography
  • Single and family portraits
  • Senior portraits
  • Pet portraits
  • Don’t see what you’re looking for on our website? Shoot us an email or call us directly. 

Cody Frayser’s Life:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

As a child, I moved around a lot. I had been to a lot of counties and spent some time over the road on an 18 wheeler with my father. I finally settled down in Powhatan County, Virginia where I took great interest in the great outdoors. I spent every waking moment I could in the forests learning everything I could about how the natives lived. I began to take videos.  After some time, I decided to start my own YouTube channel where I would teach what I had learned and this is where I first started using cameras.

After some time of shooting videos, I began to take as much interest in bettering my skills with images as I had with learning the way of the forest. As I slowly upgraded cameras my family noticed I had an unusual talent for it as I had never taken a class in school for it. They encouraged me to keep going and so I did. I started to become very proficient with video and photo editors and I upgraded to paid advanced programs to continue bettering my abilities.

I acquired my first drone on Christmas of 2017. It was nothing fancy, a bit of a starter drone. I became more and more proficient at flying it and the very next year I acquired my first professional-quality camera drone. Flying more and more and learning all the laws regarding the aircraft I soon took the Part 107 test to become a commercially licensed drone pilot. That same year I started my business and boy did I start off on a good foot. I then went on to shoot 1 major music festival, 3 weddings, and many portraits. I also found a use for my drone in many other places I had not previously realized. 

What Brought Cody Frayser to Photography?

I spent a lot of time moving around when I was younger, I enjoy traveling around as I have a very nomadic mindset. I got to see a lot of places but the places that really stood out to me and in my heart have always been nature. Whether it’s simple tranquil streams in the countryside, cattle fields, or a roaring waterfall in the mountains that has always been my zen. I took up an interest in learning how the natives and frontiersmen survived without the modern technology we are used to. I learned how to build shelters, get clean water, catch and find food, make fire from sticks, and create my own tools. This further compounded my connection with the earth.

I had started a YouTube channel teaching these very skills I had learned and that’s where cameras stood out to me. I took interest in the way they work, how to capture things and I found it as a way of expressing myself and my own art form. I evolved my style around my love for nature. I enjoy complementing the shoots with the scenery. I use the scenery to enhance the overall image. There is a story to be told and I believe the background is every bit as important as the foreground. 

Cody fraser does action shots and nature here is a combination of the feeling in graphic form