Aerial Media

UAVs also known as drones have become a very valuable tool for contractors to photographers. Drones can be used to collect data about the terrain, create highly accurate photogrammetric maps that can be used to analyze crop health, inspect and survey infrastructure, and go areas unsafe for an individual to.

Our drones shoot dual 4k video resolution and FLIR 160×120 and up to 20 megapixel HQ still images. Drones offer a very unique perspective of the land, subject, and make it faster to collect data. We have filmed weddings, music events, photographed countless landscapes and used the imagery for land monitoring. In order for me to offer this service I had to become FAA Part 107 certified. I have to follow all UAS protocols just like a commercial pilot does.

Pricing is based on the job however we do have a minimum $100 base fee for any kind of aerial work. Contact me personally regarding all inquiries for aerial work. Depending on where the job is will dictate varying requirements I have to fulfill.

Aerial media is not limited to just photography and pretty videos, in fact, drones can be used for aid in search and rescue, aerial roof inspections, crop management, detecting water leaks, power and infrastructure inspection, and even surveying. Aerial media is not just pretty, it is now vital.

Mavic 2 Enterprise
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